-Thomas Edison

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care


F O O D   I S   M E D I C I N E


 of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” 


8 CEUs have been approved by TPTA for PT’s and PTA’s.


Nutritional Boot Camp is an intuitive, powerful, and logical class on simple lifestyle modifications with nutrient dense, fresh whole foods, and properly prepared foundational nutrition. This course is intended to teach on how to understand the different aspects of holistic healing principles, rejuvenative practices and regenerative lifestyle combined with the power of foundational nutrition. It teaches on how food should be prepared and stored to maintain its nutritional potency. The class provides a real experience on how fresh and nutritious food should taste

The Problem

Poor lifestyle choices and misguided nutritional disinformation are the major causes of the myriad of health problems that plague modern society resulting from pain and weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations.

The 3 Main Goals Applied Epigenetics:

  1. Prevention of disease by empowering with practical knowledge on the healing power of foundational nutrition and lifestyle medicine
  2. Maintenance of optimal health 
  3. Reversal of the tragic and unsuspected harmful effects of the modern diet and poor lifestyle choices

Here’s what the course will cover

  • The Evolution of Modern Health Care 
  • Learn about the new frontier of healing with Applied Epigenetics,
  • The Principles of Holistic Healing
  • Anatomy of the Immune System
  • The Cell’s Functional Anatomy and Design
  • Foundational Nutrition
  • Restorative Sleep 
  • 4 Known Mother Diseases
  • Proper Food Label Intrepretation
  • Different food and external toxins
  • Effective detoxification management options such as Fasting: Intermittent Fasting, Juice fasting
  • The Anatomy of the Immune System
  • 13 Body’s Self HealingTools


The participants will experience the amazing taste of real fresh raw food, freshly juiced vegetables while learning the practical ways of the proper food preparation.


  • Understand the basics of Applied Epigenetics
  • Understand the difference between the old genetic code and the new epigenetic paradigm.
  • Learn all vital aspects of Applied Epigenetics: Epigenetics, Holistic Healing, Nutritional Medicine by Foundational Nutrition, and Lifestyle Medicine with Specific Healthy Regenerative Lifestyles, Anatomy of the Immune System and Its Regenerative Tools, Detoxification Management
  • Describe the Different Causes of Diseases and the Top 4 Known Mother Diseases such as: Leaky Gut Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, Fatty Liver Disease and Unintended Chronic Dehydration
  • Incorporate practical knowledge on how our immune system works, read food labels, proper food preparation, proper hydration, proper digestive microbiome, restorative sleep and introduce the powerful concept of therapeutic fasting, nutrient dense vegetable juicing and Earthing.
  • Experience and demonstrate how to properly practice foundational nutrition through effective and correct food preparations
  • Learn simple and effective ways on how to incorporate daily healthy lifestyle habits to rejuvenate and regenerate your body using Applied Epigenetic Principles.

Benefits of Foundational Nutrition

  • Prevents or reverses most degenerative diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOS, aches and pains, and weight loss
  • No need for medications, because your body can heal itself efficiently
  • Regenerates new internal organs: new blood in 4-6 weeks, new liver 4-6 weeks, new pancreas in 4-8 weeks, new skin in 6 weeks, and a whole new body in 18 months
  • Unclugs and cleans your digestive plumbing
  • Immediate absorption of live enzymes / antioxidants
  • Massive intake of pure vegetable micronutrients
  • Supercharges your repair and healing function

Nutritional Boot Camp Class Dates:

February 8th, May 9th, Aug 8th, Nov 14th



Courtyard by Marriot Houston Springwoods Village

22742 Holzwarth Road, Spring, TX 77389

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